your inch-long life



Imagine that you’re holding one end of a very long rope…imagine that it is so long that you can’t see the other end…you can’t see it because it goes on forever….just imagine it ok!?

Imagine that this forever-long rope symbolizes a timeline of your existence…it shows your existence 200 years from now, 1000 years from now, 8000 years from now, 4 million years from now…it goes on forever…it shows your existence all the way into forever!

Now imagine that there is red tape covering just the first 5 inches of the rope on the end of that you are holding: this tiny four inch end represents your time here on earth

It represents maybe 70, 80 or if you eat enough kale and not too much gluten (:P) 100 years max.

You’ve got a few short years here on earth and then you have an eternity somewhere else. The Bible teaches that what you and I do during this little red part will determine how we exist for the rest of eternity.